Meet the artist Nasan Tur in his studio in Berlin

Nasan Tur’s „Backpacks“ are part of the ifa exbition „FUTURE PERFECT. Contemporary Art from Germany“. They can be borrowed by exhibition visitors and used in public space as their wishes, demands, or needs dictate – for demonstrating or sabotaging, for public speaking, for a fan ritual, or just to cook something. Art leaves the museum and can be individually appropriated. In both humorous and subversive videos, wall paintings, and installations, Nasan Tur again and again reflects on the relationship between the viewer and the artwork in public space. Join him in his studio in Berlin where he talks to us about his art practice!

Artwork: Backpacks, 2006, Mixed media, © Nasan Tur / VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2016

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